Gideon Gamble: 2014 Exit Interview

By Benny Garcia | April 22, 2014

Gideon Gamble appeared in 20 games towards averages of 5.2 points and 1.4 rebounds on 54.7 percent field goals and 43.2 percent on three-pointers. He scored in double figures on three separate occasions and ranked third on the team in three-point field goal percentage.

– On how he would describe the season in its entirety:
“As a whole, it was a very successful season. We played very good basketball in the middle of the season. We might have peaked too soon, but we were a very good and deep team, made improvements throughout the season and I thought it went very well.”

– On what this year was like for him personally:
“I learned a lot. This being my rookie year playing professional ball, I was fortunate to (play with a) lot of NBA (talent) and the coaching staff was great. Being around the Lakers organization, I got to talk to a lot of people with basketball knowledge and everything business wise, so I grew as a player and a person.”

– On if he received any advice in particular that stood out to him:
“Yeah, it was mainly about remaining confident no matter what the situation is and trusting myself. Then just using the tools that I do have and using them more often, as far as how to work and how to play and being a smarter player.”

– On his sporadic playing time throughout the season and if it was tough for him to remain confident in his abilities:
“Yeah, it was tough because I feel like I was doing well enough to continue to play or help my team make a difference or help my team in ways I needed. That was the toughest part about it, but I enjoyed being around every one of my teammates. When they’re playing well, I’m happy.”

– On how he plans to approach this offseason:
“Right now, I’m just getting my body back up, hitting the weights and the gym. I have some workouts in June and hopefully I’ll be in NBA summer league in July. I want to get better with physicality and I want to get my *explosion back. When you don’t have time to rehab, it’s difficult, so I’m trying to get that back up to 100 percent healthwise. I’m just going to continue to get stronger and work on my overall skillset.”

*Gamble tore his plantar fascia at the beginning of the year.