Andre Ingram: 2014 Exit Interview

By Benny Garcia | April 25, 2014

Andre Ingram appeared in 45 games (11 starts) towards averages of 9.1 points, 3.2 rebounds, 1.7 assists and 1.1 steals on 45.3 percent field goals and 44.7 percent on three-pointers. Ingram ranked among the league leaders in three-point field goal percentage and ranked fifth on the team in three-point field goal makes (72).

In two postseason games vs. Santa Cruz, Ingram averaged 10.0 points, 3.0 rebounds and 1.5 assists on 46.7 percent field goals and 50.0 percent on three-pointers.

– On how he saw the team rebound from a 3-7 start at the beginning of the year:
“Overall, I would say it was a positive season, especially considering how we started. We had a few young guys who hadn’t played in this league before so it was almost like the world was ending or something like that. But we turned it around really quick and it was fun while we were getting it together and getting wins. The way we were playing and the style we were playing made everybody feel involved. It was positive because we started winning games, we won our division, it was fun playing that style of play and it was an exciting season.”
*The D-Fenders won 12 of their next 15 games after that start and never lost two in a row until the end of the year when they dropped the last two regular-season games and two postseason games.

– On if he relayed any advice to the team as a player who had previous experience in the league:
“I’ve been in this league and know how it goes. If you’ve been in this league long enough, it changes. Almost never do you have a team start one way and end the same. It almost never happens in this league. I told them: ‘It’ll come back around and to just stay strong.’ But overall, we had a bunch of guys who felt confident anyway.”

– On how he saw the team stay the course and the role the coaching staff played in leading the group:
“The guys responded well. We had a pretty confident bunch that believed in themselves. We had guys who believed in their abilities. From a team standpoint, our coaches did well. It’s one of the toughest things as coaches in the league because you have so much change and you have to meet expectations with all these different guys coming in. Our coaches handled all those things and that’s a tough thing to do. Judging by our record, they did fine with that.”

– On his workout plans for the offseason:
“Just training and hoping to get a summer league opportunity with a team and hopefully that works out. If not, keep training and looking forward for (an opportunity). It probably won’t be the D-League, but if I ever did come back to the D-League in whatever year, I would hope to be back with the D-Fenders. It’s a great place, a great team and a great organization. I’m looking at probably summer league first then most likely overseas.”

– On what parts of his game he wants to focus on:
“At this point, it’s sharpening the tools you already have. I played a little bit of point guard this year and been playing combo guard for a few years, so working on some point guard things like ballhandling and passing.”