South Bay Holiday Shopping

By Ryan Primeaux | December 22, 2017

The South Bay Lakers had their first community event of the season as they took part in a Sponsor-a-Family project by working with Lakers staff and the Los Angeles Unified School District’s Homeless Education Program. Stephen Zimmerman, Rob Heyer, Stephaun Branch, DeMarcus Holland and Coach Brian Walsh “adopted” a homeless family within LAUSD and went to Target to do all the holiday shopping for the family.

The South Bay Lakers were on one team, while Lakers staff made up the other eight teams, each shopping for a different family. While trying to stay under budget, Zimmerman, Heyer, Branch, Holland and Coach Walsh ran around the store searching for dolls, toys, bedding and all other items on their family’s wish list.

After the shopping trip, everyone made their way back to the UCLA Health Training Center to wrap the gifts before they were delivered to the families. LAUSD has approximately 14,000 students that identify as homeless and their Homeless Education Program aims to provide support by helping them succeed academically and graduating with a high school diploma. The South Bay Lakers were happy to be part of such a great project during the holiday season.