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Spectrum SportsNet Schedule

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Find the schedule for the South Bay Lakers on Spectrum SportsNet and Spectrum SportsNet LA

All times are in Pacific Time.

Saturday11/55:00 PMStockton KingsSpectrum SportsNet
Thursday11/107:00 PMOntario ClippersSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday11/125:00 PMOntario ClippersSpectrum SportsNet
Tuesday11/297:00 PMSalt Lake City StarsSpectrum SportsNet
Thursday12/17:00 PMSalt Lake City StarsSpectrum SportsNet
Wednesday12/147:00 PMSanta Cruz WarriorsSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday12/175:00 PMStockton KingsSpectrum SportsNet
Thursday1/57:00 PMBirmingham SquadronSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday1/75:00 PMBirmingham SquadronSpectrum SportsNetLA
Monday1/97:00 PMIowa WolvesSpectrum SportsNetLA
Wednesday1/117:00 PMOklahoma City BlueSpectrum SportsNet
Thursday1/197:00 PMMotor City CruiseSpectrum SportsNet
Friday1/277:00 PMSanta Cruz WarriorsSpectrum SportsNet
Sunday1/295:00 PMSanta Cruz WarriorsSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday2/45:00 PMG League IgniteSpectrum SportsNetLA
Saturday2/255:00 PMIowa WolvesSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday3/27:00 PMMaine CelticsSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday3/45:00 PMMaine CelticsSpectrum SportsNet
Monday3/67:00 PMSioux Falls SkyforceSpectrum SportsNet
Wednesday3/87:00 PMSioux Falls SkyforceSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday3/115:00 PMStockton KingsSpectrum SportsNetLA
Tuesday3/217:00 PMOklahoma City BlueSpectrum SportsNet
Saturday3/255:00 PMG League IgniteSpectrum SportsNet

For more information on time changes and time zones, please see the Spectrum SportsNet schedule here or Spectrum SportsNet LA schedule here.

To find the exact channel Spectrum SportsNet is on for your TV provider, click here. For Spectrum SportsNet LA, click here.